Making (games)ALIVE

This research project is an integration of the ALIVE framework, based on Organizational theory, into commercial games, providing game AI developers with tools to model gaming scenarios using social structures.

Making (games)ALIVE


The research aim of cOncienS is to provide solutions to the issues of behavioral control and strategy techniques in commercial games’ artificial intelligence by integrating the organizational theory-based ALIVE framework to diverse commercial games.

This approach provides extended flexibility to the elements that imply intelligent behavior, e.g. actors and characters, teams of individuals, and narrative storylines. In addition, it provides a methodology and metrics that can be applied to evaluate the organizational behavior using the games’ environments as simulation scenarios. Hence, it would be possible to compare, learn, and improve NPC’s behavior with an approach based on organization theoretical solutions for Game AI, contributing to overall flexibility and adaptiveness.

If you want to know more about the research goal of cOncienS, please read this paper:

Sergio Alvarez-Napagao, Fernando Koch, Ignasi Gómez-Sebastià and Javier Vázquez-Salceda. “Making games ALIVE: an organisational approach” (presented at the AGS‘2010 workshop held at AAMAS‘2010)

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